the weekly newsletter of the 
San Antonio Northeast Rotary Club
We were pleased to have Art Nicholson 
as our guest speaker on 
Tuesday, March 27th. 
Art is a naval historian and has written two books on naval history from World War II.  
After his very interesting and informative presentation to those in attendance, 
club president LaVonna Stewart presented Art a speaker’s certificate of appreciation and a copy of The Rotarian magazine. 
Thank you Art.
Kathy Hamilton was our guest speaker on Tuesday, April 3rd at Mama’s Cafe. 
In addition to speaking to us about Green Spaces Alliance, Kathy shared with us her fascinating life stories while living abroad. All those in attendance thoroughly enjoyed Kathy’s presentation. Thanks go out to Robin Rogers for scheduling Kathy to come out and visit our club.  After her presentation, president-elect Patsy Esterline presented Kathy a Speaker's Certificate of Appreciation and a copy of 
The Rotarian magazine.
Our guest speaker on April 10, 2018 was 
Licensed Massage Therapist, Samantha Higgins.  Samantha gave a wonderful presentation on how healthy it is to get a massage.  After her presentation, club president LaVonna Stewart presented Samantha with a Speaker's Certificate of Appreciation and a copy of The Rotarian magazine.  Thanks go out to Patsy Esterline for arranging for Samantha to come out and speak to our club.